Michel TREGOUET, Technical Manager of the Taste Workshops

"The Liftvrac is ideal for raising IQF* frozen products. »

Michel Tregouet, Technical Manager of the Taste Workshops, installed his first Liftvrac at the end of 2019 in Offranville, Seine Maritime. And this barely 9 months after discovering our conveyor at the CFIA show, almost by chance. Tregouet was quite satisfied with its gooseneck slat conveyor and did not plan to replace it in the short term. A test campaign later, the benefits of the Liftvrac proved so great that the investment was made. With a ROI target of less than one year.

"I was able to test the Liftvrac on most of our prepared skillets. »

Interpelled by our concept of a belt wrapping around the product to lift it, Mr. Tregouet almost left the show with a Liftvrac under his arm. "I asked if it was possible to borrow the demonstration unit for a week or two. Mr. Fellow agreed. I was able to test the performance of the Liftvrac on most of the 72 recipes for ready-made frying pans produced at Offranville. I wanted to verify that it was indeed possible to reduce our product losses and I quickly realized how effective the scraping of the belt was.

"Temperature maintenance is perfect"

"We use the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) freezing process for our frying pans, which allows us to coat the ingredients with sauce. This process is ideal for our customers, the catering trade, but it is quite restrictive in production. As soon as the product is heated up a bit, there can be sauce transfers to the belt. With the Liftvrac no problem. The polyurethane belt takes the temperature of the product very quickly. »

"The CIP option allows a complete decontamination in 45 minutes."

"I also had to validate that the Liftvrac would deliver on its promise of easy cleaning. As an FSSC 22000 certified company we have an obligation of means and results in terms of food safety. I therefore had the Liftvrac qualified twice: first in Geneston and then in Offranville at the time of installation. We set up a 5-phase cleaning in place protocol that lasts 45 minutes and is perfectly safe. Our daily sampling proves it. We save more than 3 hours at each recipe change, which allows us to be more productive and flexible."

"With this conveyor, the operators have complete confidence."

"The Liftvrac d'Offranville is fully enclosed. There are no inbound points and therefore no risk for the operators. It was very easy for the crews to handle, the control screen is very intuitive. The Liftvrac was immediately adopted; it even has a nickname: the anaconda!

"The investment is more than compensated by the benefits it brings us... »

"The Liftvrac will pay for itself in less than a year, if only with the savings we make by avoiding material losses and the increased line availability due to reduced cleaning times. The bonus is that thanks to this new conveyor, we will also increase our production rates! »