Christophe Renaudeau, Director of the Belmont site of Lactalis Group

The County of Lafayette was undoubtedly a predestined place for the first steps of Liftvrac on
the American continent. It is here, near the Great Lakes and more specifically in the town of Belmont, that the first 5 Liftvrac shipped on the American mainland have been successfully installed to condition crumbled feta.

5 units for 2 feta packaging lines

The Lactalis factory in Belmont manufactures under the brand President of feta for the American market. This cheese, which received in 2013 the ChefsBest price® of the best taste in its category, is offered in blocks or broken, packaged in trays of 6 to 24 ounces (170 to 680 grams). And now there are 5 Liftvrac devices that feed the associative weighers of the two crumbled feta packaging lines.

A tremendous gain in space, operated as part of the redesign of the Organization of production lines

For Christophe Renaudeau, Director of the Belmont site, the objective was a priori simple: move the crumbled feta conveyors from their previous location to a refrigerated room to prevent crumbs from sticking together. But in this closed room, the space constraint was strong. A constraint that the Liftvrac in S, envisaged at first, allowed to rise, but to which the C module was revealed

No more raw material loss

The new production organization, coupled with the performance of the Liftvrac and its flexible scraper, allowed Lactalis to no longer lose a crumb of cheese, with the key gains on the raw material of course, but also on the cleaning time
of the soils. Results that prompted Christophe Renaudeau to order equipment for his second line on receipt of the first, when he had not planned it at the outset.

Lactalis GroupChristophe Renaudeau, Director of the Belmont site