What is the return on investment with a Liftvrac conveyor?

The Liftvrac lift conveyor is the ideal system for elevating highly fragile agri-food products that are broken or destructured by other existing elevation systems on the market. The efficiency of this patented system leads to a fast king, this due to savings made on several planes.

Undeniable quality for your products

The absence of any friction during the elevation of the transported material leads to a drastic reduction in material losses related to non-quality of products. Indeed, the texture of the product does not undergo any variation during its elevation. In addition, the belt plays an insulating role that preserves the heat or cold of the product it raises.

When they go into elevating heating systems, fragile and sticky products such as bacon or grated cheese will tend to agglomerate in the systems in question. Also, coupled with the loss of quality inherent in this warm-up, the jams caused by this agglomeration of matter cause production stops consuming unnecessarily mobilizing the maintenance and cleaning teams. With the Liftvrac, besides the absence of friction to ensure continuous maintenance of the original texture of the product,the maintenance operations are very limited as many of our clients have shown. Many of them were able to significantly increase the TRS of lines that were not previously pushed to their maximum capacity.

Not convinced yet? Read the testimony of Bernard JADOTproject manager in continuous improvement at the production department at Ter Beke !

Liftvrac Conveyor: What return on investment?

The flexible scraper at the elevation output allowing the detachment of even the most delicate products without altering them, the raw material is thus used in full, without waste. This saving of matter, added to the ease of cleaning of the system that is not clogged, leads to a ROI very fast, less than 6 months for the lines on which the most expensive raw materials are spent (foie gras, seafood, meat).

We are at your disposal to study in detail with you specific earnings for your business that would result from the acquisition of a Liftvrac elevator conveyor.