Why choose the Access range of conveyors for your production lines?

Since the creation of Liftvrac in 2008, Liftvrac has always had the objective of responding to the essential issues for your production lines:

  • Hygiene and food safety
  • No product losses
  • Preservation of the quality of the products conveyed

Eager to offer new products that meet the demands of their customers, Liftvrac has developed a new range of conveyors called the ACCESS range.

This range highlights the elimination of material waste, thanks to its flexible blade scraper, which eliminates product waste. It is designed to be adaptable, the conveyor is composed of height-adjustable wheels, it has a programmable entry angle and a straight length, between curves, easily interchangeable. Modularity as a major asset, in case of line evolution the conveyor can be extended or shortened according to the needs. It is also equipped with housing modules that can be clipped onto the structure and dismantled without tools to facilitate the cleaning operations of the conveyor belt. Liftvrac also offers a semi-automatic cleaning system integrated into the system. Finally, thanks to the standardization of processes, the lead time for the ACCESS range of conveyors is reduced.


A range developed for all types of agri-food products


If Liftvrac's primary objective is to guarantee you optimal food hygiene, we also want to adapt to the globality of agri-food products conveyed on the market. That's why we thought of our Access conveyor in this way. Thus, our system allows us to convey:

  • The products fragile chips: chips
  • The products sticky products : minced meat, vegetarian meat, bacon
  • The products pasty : mashed potatoes, chocolate mousse
  • The products dairy Cheeses in all forms (feta cheese, grated cheese, crumbs, slices, cubes)
  • The fruits and vegetables salads, frozen mushrooms, grated raw carrots, oiled and grilled zucchini
  • The prepared foods
  • The dried fruit and snacking nuts, almonds, corrugated chips
  • The pastries and bakery products biscuit dough, bread crumbs
  • The products of the sea Surimi, whole shrimps
  • Foods for animals "petfood"
  • The powders and grains dry seeds, wet seeds

cta-liftvrac computer graphics - range - access

Our ACCESS conveyors are designed for:

  • Limit retention areas, therefore eradicate the risks of bacteriological development;
  • Facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations;
  • Maintain or even improve the mechanical properties of a closed structure: the impact is therefore positive on your overall rate of return (ROR);
  • Improve your TRS also by limitation of production stoppages (our conveyor can be continuously fed);
  • Reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (TMS) and work accidents

Are you still wondering if Liftvrac's Access range can meet your various needs? Feel free to contact us via our form: