Liftvrac receives the first award in hygienic design EHEDG at CFIA

TheEHEDG is an International foundation created in 1989, which works to disseminate the rules of art for the control of hygiene in the agri-food industry, from the choice of materials to the design, installation and maintenance of the equipments.

His French antenna was organising for the first time this year, in partnership with the CFIA, a competition aimed at valuing OEMs who perform real work on the subject in order to bring effective and innovative solutions to their customers.

Liftvrac company was awarded this first trophy of hygienic design, for a new generation conveyor in which we have pushed to the maximum the application of these EHEDG hygienic rules.

The Liftvrac Premium conveyor we presented to the contest goes much further than the work we had already done on the motor and entry units. All the design of our equipment has been reviewed to minimize the number of parts and avoid any hollow body.

We added a very low roughness finish (< 0.8 μm) to offer a perfectly hygienic conveyor throughout its length and thus comply with the request of the most demanding customers.
It is this comprehensive approach that convinced the jury because, as the

Olivier Rondouin, « in the open processes and conveying systems in particular, there are still few really hygienic equipments what obliges industrial food manufacturers to compensate by long cleaning times. Liftvrac shows that by training (participation to a EHEDG training session) and by getting involved in the process, it is possible to propose innovative solutions. »

"Hygienic design is not only a safety issue ; it is also a competitiveness factor for food manufacturers."

Erwan Billet, President of Ehedg France.

Liftvrac's design approach has always been aimed at combining food safety with economic performance. We are perfectly in tune with the vision of Erwan Billet, who explains that "Poorly designed equipment is synonymous with overconsumption of water and energy, increased cleaning times and production capacity losses. This is the reason why even if the hygienic design represents an extra cost, the ROI can be very quick."

This is what we see every day with our customers with the Liftvrac

With the prototype rewarded in the competition, we showed all that can be achieved in order to move towards towards perfection in terms of hygiene ; We are now entering into an exchange phase with the food manufacturers to define the improvements that bring the most added value and which must therefore be industrialized as a priority.