Liftvrac, the tailored solution to remove your material losses

Liftvrac presented itself at the CFIA exhibition in Rennes in March 2018. On this occasion, it exhibited its Premium, an equipment designed to meet the most demanding hygiene and cleaning standards and which won the Hygienic Design Award organized by EHEDG In addition to the CFIA 2017.

Always at the forefront in the fight against material losses and thus food waste, Liftvrac elevation systems are the most suitable solutions for the elevation of sticky, fragile and/or pasty bulk products.

A permanently clean belt, for a fast ROI and enhanced food security

With its belt closing in a tube coupled with a soft blade scraper at the elevation output that allows the belt to be scraped continuously, the Liftvrac is the indispensable tool to combat raw material losses. The total suppression of the waste of their product, has thus led some of our customers transforming products with high added value to amortize their investment in less than 6 months.
In addition, the belt is permanently scraped avoid any squeezing product which otherwise would have the time to degrade on several cycles of elevation before reaching the point of unloading. This is a guarantee of food security.

Tool for the feeding of weighers always more sharp

With associative weighers with increasingly advanced results in terms of weighing accuracy, it is essential to consider an equally sharp elevation mode in the fight against material losses. Indeed, feeding a weigher with an elevation solution leading to a considerable loss of product upstream is to lose in total the gain achieved by the weigher because of its precision.

Decrease in cleaning operations in the area

With a production area remaining clean permanently, the cleaning operations of the space surrounding the machine thus become extremely reduced. This considerable time saving for cleaning crews also helps to reduce the ROI of equipment and is a major asset in the daily struggle in factories to maintain optimum hygiene and food security.