Food processing conveyor C shape

Low footprint

The Liftvrac C shape allows you to elevate your products to the desired filling height, while optimizing the footprint on the ground.

In fact, the system is firstly composed of a belt that receives the material in a horizontal position and advances progressively towards a tube shaping. This tube is then curved to fit vertically. This allows the transport of bulk food vertically and this without squeezing the transported food. This process is efficient since the machine is designed without a cleat or edge of capacity. When exiting the elevation, the belt opens to release the product and is cleaned by the flexible scraper which makes it possible to obtain a high level of hygiene.

It is commonly used for feeding of associative weighers, grinders, mixers, dispensers...


BenefitsSpace saving with a very small footprintNo waste of productFood safetyThe belt is perfectly scraped at every turn, thanks to the flexible blade scraperLow maintenanceEnergy savingTime saving in cleaning and maintenance thanks to quick disassembly
Technical dataAvailable height:from 2000 to 8000mmFlow:from a few hundred litres to 18m3/hFootprint on the ground:2.5 m (Maxi) x 0.8 m
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Installed LIFTVRAC
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