Our range of hoppers

For concrete and efficient answers

In orderto improve the performance of its system, Liftvrac has developed several peripheral equipments which provide concrete and efficient responses to the common problems of the food industry.


Hygienic design hopper 60L

60l hygienic design hopper with anti-splash sheet, articulated and hygienic microbilted or polished finish.

with hygienic floating bibs :



Non-Blocking hopper

Suitable for all types of products likely to vault within the hopper, it allows to prevent blocking at the inlet of the tube.
Ex: tabbouleh salad, pizza topping....

– 60l with anti-splash sheet
- 1 geared motor 0.25kW
- Drive control

Flow regulating hopper

Dedicated to pasty products, it allows to regulate the flow of material and guarantees a good elevation.
Ex: cookie dough, mashed potatoes....

– length 600mm
- Exists in 29trs/min
- 1 geared motor 0.55kW
- Drive control

Non-Stick hopper

Positioned at the outlet of the freezer, the crumbling hopper allows to separate the products which remained agglomerated between themselves. .

– Length 450mm or 700mm
– Speed: 60trs/min
– 1 gearmotor 0.75 kW
- Drive control

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