Available options

For the efficiency of our equipment

A range of full of options allows to optimize efficiency of our equipment.


Lubrication System

The lubrication maximizes the lifespan of the tape.

Consisting of a double nozzle lubrication ramp with motor torque control with pneumatic case comprising:
– Air pressure limiter with working range
– 1 oil bottle 2l fixed on the door, with suction rod
– 1 air supply solenoid valve for venturi
– 1 peristaltic pump
– 1 padlock air disconnect switch

Washing System

Controlled by a PLC, it allows a semi-automatic washing of the belt.

Comprising in the pneumatic box of lubrication:
– 1 valve driven by an air-to-water solenoid valve 16 bar in 1/2 inch
– 1 water-distribution clarinet for 3 wash nozzles
– Nozzle Lechler 120 ° available in diam. 2.5 to 4 depending on the pressure of the mains.

Shells 3A

Urethane 8-disc shell compliant with 3A standards, it allows the draining of the products which remaind in the tube at the end of production.

Available in version detectable.

Level Cell

Sensor for detecting a level top in the hopper of the Liftvrac.
It allows to regulate the input of material upstream and/or downstream flow, for example in the case of the supply of a weigher.

BTI Sensor in stainless steel

Added value for stainless steel BTI sensors instead of plastic BTI sensors

Stop Button

Additional emergency stop with welded support on the frame

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