The Belt

The conveyor belt

The self-centered, fabric-free positive-drive belt consists of several layers of polyurethanes that contain Kevlar® cables, guaranteeing its flexibility and its resistance. The top face is perfectly smooth facilitates cleaning of the belt and allows to maintain optimal hygiene.
Very resistant to abrasion, the belt offers extended lifespan. The combination of double rows of teeth and sprockets with central disc ensures perfect guiding of the belt. The return shaft is equipped with discs rotating directly on a fixed stainless steel round.

The product is deposited on the flat belt which closes progressively in tube. It goes up to the vertical and is released when the tape opens at the exit. A scraper at the training drum ensures a perfect scraping of the belt. No sliding between the product and the belt.

– Optimal hygiene
– Positive drive
– Exceptional guidance
Quick assembly/disassembly


Unique and patented conveyor belt

Technical specifications
› Tube Ø: 103 mm
› Volume generated by 1 m of tube: 8.3 liters
› Flow rate according to speed: 36M/min = 18m3/h

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