New generation hopper bib: a floating fixation

New hopper flap: a floating attachment

Traditionally, the sealing flaps of the conveyor hoppers are tight between two bolted plates. As much as they are seldom dismantled to be cleaned.

This point appeared to us as a top priority for improvement in our global approach of hygienic design. Such a system indeed generates retention areas which are located close to the carried goods and thus represent a real danger.  located in the vicinity of the substances transported and therefore represent a real danger.

We therefore conceived a new flap that is simply clipped on pins. When the hopper is disassembled, the flap is hold in place but remains slightly floating which allows it to be cleaned on both sides with a water jet. For deeper cleaning, assembly as disassembly are carried out in a few seconds, as for all our peripheral equipments. 

When the hopper is in working position, the flap is caught between the conveying belt and hopper’s edge, strongly hold and perfectly tight.  and its .

Our flap is made from a single material belt, specially machined with a variable thickness to ensure a good stiffness of the upper area as well as an appropriate flexibility for the lower area. A single piece goes all around the hopper, against 3 previously, which improves simultaneously hygiene and tightness.  and the.