How does the Liftvrac conveyor belt make our system one of the most efficient in the agri-food market?

In the agri-food sector, research to improve processes revolves around 6 axes, the first being the R&D on the products. At Liftvrac, the product is our conveyor. Our machine has received multiple awards for more than 10 years and they are due in particular to our patented belt. In this article, we propose you to discover all its characteristics, which make of our conveyor one of the most efficient in the food industry market :


How is the belt of our conveyors designed?

The belt of our conveyors consists of several layers of polyurethane (6 millimeters in total) that close the Kevlar cables ©. These cables are used for the following qualities:

  • Elongation resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Refractory (no elongation due to temperature)
  • Good bonding with polyurethane

Polyurethane is one of the most efficient insulating materials in the world and allows:

  • To guarantee the flexibility and the resistance during the entire conveying process
  • To benefit from a top surface perfectly smooth

In addition, the belt is composed of a scraper with a flexible blade in elevation which allows to recover all the material conveyed and thus ensures a zero loss of material.


How does the belt work in the production line?

Once the conveyor is installed in your production lines, the material is deposited on the flat belt and is then risen vertically in tube. The Liftvrac is continuously fed and releases the material at the elevation output. The polyurethane that composes the tape allows to eradicate potential friction between the wall and the products conveyed. The Liftvrac is the only transport by tube or there is no friction between the product and the tube unlike other systems: pneumatic, worm, chain or disc screws, thus ensuring the protection of your fragile products.


Hygiene and food safety-oriented design

The smooth belt facilitates cleaning and ensures optimal hygiene: no residue of material can remain glued to the tape to contaminate the continuation of the production.

In addition and in order to ensure optimal hygiene, the belt is complemented by the flexible blade scraper and thus makes it possible to keep no residue of material at the elevation output (in contrast to the cleat or worm machines). There is therefore no risk of agglomeration of products which could damage the rest of the production.


A system that facilitates maintenance operations

Hygiene is a key point in your conveying processes, but maintenance should not be synonymous with constraints for your operators and we understood that. That's why we thought about the complete optimization of the structure: on some systems, the belt change can take up to 3:00 which is a waste of time for your performance. Liftvrac does not require more than 30 minutes and does not require any specific tools. Your synthetic rate of return is therefore fully optimized, the TMS are reduced and the risks of an accident being eradicated.


The Liftvrac conveyor belt: a technology for all types of agri-food products


Frozen products

As a reminder, frozen products are conveyed in the form of a tube to guarantee the quality of the final products and, thanks to the polyurethane which is an excellent insulatordice keep the temperature of the products and so not to break the cold chain thanks to the polyurethane which is an excellent insulator.

Sticky and fragile foods

In conventional systems (e.g. bucket or cleat elevators), pasty products (lardons, minced meats, surimis, cookie/chocolate pasta, grated cheeses, purées) easily agglomerated at the elevation exit. The flexible scraper of the Liftvrac belt allows to scrape all the material smoothly, keeping all the material conveyed without damaging them on the one hand, and to have a clean belt at all time on the other hand.


What is the return on investment of the Liftvrac band?

By analyzing performance feedback, some of our customers noted:

  • the removal of material losses which allowed to amortize their Liftvrac investment in less than 6 months
  • improved machine performance rate up to 5% thanks to our system
  • a decrease in the breakage rate for fragile products (chips, almonds, cashew nuts, cornflakes...)
  • a net time saving on maintenance and cleaning operations Since, thanks to the flexible blade scraper, the tape does not become clogged (the cleaning takes place between 4 and 5 minutes between two productions)

This list of benefits is not exhaustive and there are many others; you will find the following in our INFOGRAPHIC:

liftbulk marketing. frinfographic advantages of liftvrac conveyors








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