Benefits of the Liftvrac agri-food conveyor

No product losses

With its beltp closing in tube coupled with a flexible blade scraper the belt is constantly scrabed. This avoids any squeezing product which otherwise would have the time to degrade on several cycles of elevation before reaching the point of unloading. This is a guarantee of food security.

The Liftvrac is the indispensable tool to combat raw material losses and to provide the highest level of hygiene.

Liftvrac, in permanent struggle against Food waste.

The total removal of waste from their product has led some of our customers transforming high value added products to amortize their investment in less than 6 months.

Guaranteed hygiene

A major weapon in the daily fight against the risks of contamination, the Liftvrac elevation system is the ideal solution for any industrially anxious to gain productivity while eradicating the waste and the risks of contamination of its products.

Completely smooth, the unique and patented Liftvrac belt closes in a tube to protect the product it transports. It avoids the fall of any foreign body that can contaminate the production during the elevation phase. Smooth, without edge of capacity and without cleat, it is kept clean by a scraping blade.

Absolute preservation of products

The products are neither compressed nor altered, even the most delicate, they are respected because not compacted.

The absence of any friction during the elevation of the transported material leads to a drastic reduction in material losses related to non-quality of products. Indeed, the texture of the product does not undergo any variation during its elevation. In addition, the belt plays an insulating role that preserves the heat or cold of the product it raises.

Space saving

Designed in modules, Liftvrac conveyors adapt to any type of production line. The special belt 100% polyurethane allows to reduce the footprint thanks to a system positionable vertically so no loss of space and productivity gain.

Adaptable to any configuration

Its module design also allows the device to be removable, winding and adaptable to changes of a production line. The most fragile to the most sticky products, Liftvrac offers you a response perfectly adapted to every problem.

Reduced energy consumption

Our conveyors have low energy consumption
Easy to disassemble and clean, the tape allows a saving of water and chemical products.


Our safety guards are mounted and snap onto the structure in seconds. They dismount without tools for the cleaning operations of conveyor belt.

With its hydraulic cylinder, the Liftvrac lift conveyor lowers by a simple button press, this up to man height. Once the machine has been lowered, the maintenance and/or cleaning operators can work without the need for bridges or other risers that multiply the risk of falling or accidents.

Removable by maintenance operators without the help of any tools, the belt of the Liftvrac only requires the handling of a few handles to be dismantled. This removes the risk of an accident related to tool manipulation.