Designer and manufacturer of innovative lift conveyors: Liftvrac

The ultimate response to hygiene and food security needs: Liftvrac

Liftvrac is serving the food industry with a lifting conveyor for fragile, sticky and/or pasty food bulk.

What is the Liftvrac food lift conveyor?

The company LIFTVRAC, based in Nantes region, designs, manufactures and markets since 2008 a unique and patented industrial lift conveyor, dedicated to fragile food products, sticky and/or pasty, without loss of material and with a high level of hygiene.

Thanks to its smooth conveying belt made of polyurethane, forming a tube to raise the products without friction and to its scraper at the end, LIFTVRAC is the most efficient elevation system compared to other existing systems on the market (worm screw, archimedes screw, bucket elevator, cleats, suction system, pneumatic transport,...).

It preserves the most fragile products while drastically eliminating waste, thus bringing significant productivity gains.

Concerned to guarantee to the agri-food industry a food safety throughout their process, Liftvrac is constantly seeking to improve its performance and to move the efficiency of its lift conveyor forward, particularly in terms hygiene and cleaning.

Adherent to EHEDG, we put the most advanced health standards at the heart of research and development policy. This is one of the reasons why we got the hygienic design award during the CFIA 2017 fair.